Ramzi Towers
July 2014
  • July 2014first apartment at Ramzi towers sold....
  • February 2014termsheet signed with FBN Capital....
  • April 2014transaction documents with trustee and arrangers signed....
  • May 2014building approvals and permit secured....
  • May 2014two more apartments sold....

ARCHITECTS JOURNAL    Posted: Apr 16, 2014


FIRST LOOK SPARK has unveiled its first project in Africa – an 18-storey residential tower in Lagos, Nigeria. The Ramzi Towers scheme features 22 family-sized apartments with panoramic views over the coastal city.

The curvaceous Victoria Island landmark will also be the tallest sprayed concrete structure in the world – according to the London- and Singapore-based studio.

The lack of ‘high-tech’ construction expertise in Nigeria led SPARK to select the on-site fabrication method which the practice claims will also minimise costs and build time.

The studio said: ‘The building process is appropriate and empowering, enabling the local contractor to deliver the highest inhabited sprayed-concrete structure in the world without needing to outsource the technical issues.’

As part of a shadowing programme SPARK is also training up young Nigerian consultants, who are in turn helping to win local statutory approvals.

SPARK UK director Max Titchmarsh said: ‘SPARK are excited to be part of a new generation of international consultants helping Nigeria rediscover its appetite for ambitious, innovative and sustainable development that can reflect the huge potential of this major economy.’

He continued: ‘We think Nigeria is beginning a new chapter of global prominence and we believe that there is a new breed of domestic development and contracting expertise that will see the current surge of development activity translate into a lasting legacy.’