Ramzi Towers


SPARK have designed a uniquely Nigerian solution which responds to local climatic, social, financial and cultural drivers. Ramzi Towers’ sprayed concrete curved shells provide structure, water-proofing, air-tightness, fire protection and solar protection in a single solution, while being shaped to minimise wind resistance and to provide a curvaceous Nigerian response to the global vernacular.

This sprayed concrete process was selected and advanced to maxmise build efficiency while providing limitless formal freedom to the design process. The Design Team have selected the development of this on-site fabrication method in collaboration with the Contractor. As such, the building process is appropriate and empowering, enabling the local contractor to deliver the highest inhabited sprayed-concrete structure in the world without needing to outsource the technical issues.

Ramzi Towers is designed as a 18 storey exclusively residential tower. It is positioned centrally on this prominent site and therefore set-back from all site boundaries.
The form of the building is a cluster of vertical ‘tower’ elements of differing height, hence the name ‘Ramzi Towers’. There are four vertical elements 1 - 4 of similar architectural language, all broadly triangular in plan, with sculpted corners. Seen from above, all four elements spring from the centre of the building, where the vertical core 5 is located.

Three of these elements 2 - 4 are oriented towards the west, the fourth is oriented to the east 1, resulting in a ‘butterfly’-shape in plan. This unique form has the benefit of maximising the views from within each flat while providing highly individual apartment layouts. At the same time, the external ‘shells’ create distinctive surfaces facing the sun, both to the east and to the west and shield the ‘internal’ faces from solar gain.

The eastern vertical element 1 at only 7 stories tall provides an extraordinary roof terrace at level 8. It is also raised from the ground by 7 metres to form a canopy to the car drop-off and main entrance located underneath.

The three western elements 2 - 4 are stacked to form the eighteen storey main tower with stunning views in all directions

All vertical elements are clustered together at the centre of the building and overlap partially to form this unique, instantly recognisable tower.



Max Titchmarsh (Spark Architects - Director)