Ramzi Towers


The basis of the tower is a permanent structural shell of wall and floor slabs. Within the environmental envelope the apartments may be tailored to the occupants needs and upgraded in the future as needed. The apartments may change to keep up to date with shifting use, climate, technological advances and the personalities of its occupants. In the future, interior components may be digitally fabricated using 3d printing within apartment’s utility rooms to allow for rapid customization without disturbance to its neighbors.

The form of the tower building is a passive shell, which optimizes views, as well as provides solar control, acoustic isolation and air tightness. The unique environmental shaping of the tower optimizes structural efficiency and modern methods of construction such as sprayed concrete, which utilizes high strength concrete and minimizes waste during construction.

The environmental performance of the building and surrounds is governed by the UK BREAM Code for sustainable homes. The code provides 9 measures of sustainable design each of which has been included in the design of the individual homes as follows:

• energy/CO2
• water
• materials
• surface water runoff (flooding and flood prevention)
• waste
• pollution
• health and well-being
• management
• ecology

Ramzi Towers achieves more with less through innovative integration of economic, social and environmental issues associated with our built environment.


Chris McCarthy (Battle McCarthy - Founder/Director)